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In 2013, we started producing different types of gas and charcoal grills and barbecues with the slogan “the pleasure of being together”. We started the “pleasure of being together” from ourselves first. Our professional and capable staff has created a unique experience of empathy, innovation, prosperity and customer orientation in the workplace and has been able to produce products that it is proud of. Our goal is to be able to give the customer the pleasure of being together and the pleasant experience of healthy cooking.

We started by defining and determination a distinctive product, comparing, studying and reviewing the world’s top products, and through careful research, selected reputable business partners, especially in the field of providing suitable machinery and quality parts. We formed teams of technical professionals in engineering, research and development, production, sales, etc., and moved forward with strength.

Our main focus is on our products. Products that can fulfill our slogan. We have always considered customer satisfaction. The secret of our products’ brilliance is that they are distinctive. We explore the world to produce the best. Yes, we dare to claim that the Atashmehr Team is constantly monitoring the best and latest achievements and barbecue products in the world and updating its knowledge and technology. We look to the future and compete with the top international products.

Atashmehr is proud to have been a successful model in production, teamwork, dynamic and motivated workforce, training, innovative products and attention to customer need, and has succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

All our hope and motivation is to warm your circles with the fire of love and friendship and to see a smile of satisfaction and joy on your faces.

Gas Grills AF 203

Radiant stove with steel trapezoidal lid

Radiant stove with steel trapezoidal lid

Gas Grills AF 103

Cabinet with side cooker

Cabinet with side cooker

Gas Grills AF 100

Gas barbecue with stand

Gas barbecue with stand

Charcoal Grills AT Series

Charcoal barbecue with stand

Charcoal barbecue with cabinet